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A BC Notary’s guide to navigating property ownership – title pitfalls for seniors

Adding another person on title has pitfalls. Your BC Notary can explain them to you.

Closing Costs and Legal Fees

Let’s talk closing costs! You’ve bought or sold a home! Now you need to figure out what this will cost... View Article

5 Ways Powers of Attorney go Wrong in Real Estate Transactions

Powers of Attorney allow one person to sign for another in real estate transactions. But there are strict rules about vetting, verifying and registering Powers of Attorney.

Why Legal Notations Matter

Legal notations can affect your title in surprising (and not always good) ways!

How to avoid the dangers of a property chain.

Property chains are incredibly dangerous - if anyone in the chain fails to complete on their transaction, it can cause cascading failures in all the transactions after that failed transaction. Failed chains can cause lawsuits and damages. They are easily avoided by taking a few simple steps.

8 Steps Before you Buy a Home

Buying a new home? Here are 8 things to do first!

Property Transfer Tax issues arising out of putting a family member on property as a 1% owner

The BC Government recently introduced anti-avoidance measures into the Property Transfer Tax Act. Ask us about the criteria for any exemption you qualify for.

Condo and Strata Assignment Integrity Register (CSAIR)

The BC Government has just introduced its new Condo and Strata Assignment Integrity Register (CSAIR). This means additional paperwork for buyers of newly built condos.

3 things to pay attention to when buying a new build condo

Buying a new condo is an exercise in patience and responsiveness. This article explores three things which will help you plan for your new purchase.

What are rural property taxes in BC?

Rural Property Taxes are payable to the province for a range of community services.