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Is a Power of Attorney still valid after death?

Powers of attorney are not valid after death, and here’s what you can do about that.

Is a Power of Attorney the same as an Executor?

Appointing an attorney and an executor make sure you are protected, and your family can help you.

5 Ways Powers of Attorney go Wrong in Real Estate Transactions

Powers of Attorney allow one person to sign for another in real estate transactions. But there are strict rules about vetting, verifying and registering Powers of Attorney.

Powers of Attorney – An Important Investment for Your New Home

Congratulations on buying your new home! There is just one more step you need to take - make a Power of Attorney.

How do I make a Power of Attorney for Health Care in BC?

Help your health care providers treat you more quickly and appropriately by appointing someone under a Representation Agreement to make decisions for you.

What does it mean when someone tells you to put your affairs in order?

A life-limiting or life-ending diagnosis means it’s time to pay attention to a few important planning issues. Who can help... View Article

Should I make more than one Power of Attorney?

Should you make more than one Power of Attorney document? Sometimes, but you need to plan them carefully.

What? Don’t you trust me? The special nature of fiduciary relationships.

Part One: What are fiduciaries? Why trust matters Trust is one of the most fundamental elements of a successful relationship.... View Article