How do I certify a true copy?

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What is a certified true copy?

If someone asks you for an original document, but you don’t want to give that original document away, you can make a certified true copy.

A certified true copy is a copy of an original document, made by a person holding a specialized office. The copy is compared against the original of the document. A certificate is put with the copy, stating that the certifying person has compared the original against the copy, and they are certifying the copy is an exact duplicate of the original document, which they have seen.

Can I make my own certified true copy?

Anyone can make a copy of an original document, or even certify that copy to be a true copy, but that doesn’t mean it will be accepted. In most cases, the person making the certified true copy must hold a particular role – usually a notary public, lawyer, commissioner, or other person in a similar role.

What happens if I don’t have the original?

A certified true copy must be made from an original document. If you don’t have an original document, we cannot make you a certified true copy, since the language in the certificate says the copy was compared with the original.

Can you make a certified true copy of a document I download from the internet, or my e-mail?

No. We need an originally issued document, not a printout from the internet or an e-mail.

			June 7, 2018 10:15 pm 
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