We represent mortgagors and mortgagees in the foreclosure process.  We can assist in representing a borrower to resolve foreclosure proceedings... View Article


Conveyancing is the process of buying, selling or transferring property. It is the exchange of title for money. When you... View Article

Residential Conveyancing

Some instances of residential land transfer that our notaries or lawyers can help with: Buying a home; Selling a home;... View Article

Development and Commercial Real Estate

We can also assist in the development and commercial real estate, including: Drafting and submitting covenants; Confirming a land owner’s... View Article

Indigenous Land Transfers

There are many indigenous land registries throughout British Columbia with many residences located within their jurisdiction –  your dream home... View Article

Builders Liens

These are specific kinds of liens that are available to people who have supplied materials or provided work to a... View Article

Conveyancing is the term for transferring ownership of property from one person to another. Our offices are capable of doing a variety of real estate transactions.