Who can help you

Our BC Notaries would be happy to help you with your notarizations:

Linda Caisley at Kelowna-Downtown and Penticton
Lawrence E. Stevens Jr. at Kelowna-Enterprise & Spall
Debra van Beers at Westbank

Our BC Lawyers would be happy to help you with your notarizations:

Jaime Boyle at Kelowna-Downtown
Daniel K. Lo at Penticton
Keith Martens at Kelowna-Enterprise & Spall

Need something notarized?

What is a Notarization?

A notarization is a legal process you go through to certify something, or to make a formal statement under oath or declaration.

Common types of notarizations include:

  • making statements under oath or affirmations, such as affidavits
  • making a statutory declaration
  • certifying true copies of documents
  • making travel letters for minors
  • signing land title documents
  • verifying identification

But I just need something witnessed…

Sometimes people ask you to “notarize” a document which doesn’t actually require a legal function, thinking that will make it more valid, or more official.

Notaries and lawyers don’t just witness documents – they perform legal functions.

Witnesses generally simply watch you sign a document. Notaries and lawyers don’t generally act as witnesses, or sign documents that don’t require a legal function.

Not every document can be notarized. If a document just requires you to sign it in front of a witness, then you shouldn’t need a notary or lawyer for that.

If you just need to have a document be witnessed, you can generally ask anyone to help you with that – but check with the people who are asking you for the document first, to determine if there are any restrictions on who can act as your witness.

It should only take 5 minutes

We try to be as efficient as possible with your time, and ours. Depending on what kind of notarization you need, it could take 5 minutes, or it could take an hour.

When you call for your appointment, try to give our receptionists as much information about what kind of notarization you need a hand with, so they can give you a better estimate of time, and costs.