Family Law



Our BC Lawyers would be happy to help you with your family law needs:

Jaime Boyle
Daniel K. Lo
Keith Martens
Alan McKenzie

Relationships can be complicated….

We can help you:

Whether you are creating a new family, or ending a relationship, you likely have questions. Our lawyers can help you work through those questions.

Family law involves all kinds of relationships

Our lawyers can provide you with the legal advice and guidance to help you with any of the following concerns:

Getting married:

  • how do you protect your existing assets when you are coming into a new relationship?
  • does an inheritance you receive from one of your family members automatically have to be shared with your spouse?
  • do you need an agreement setting out your rights?
  • how do you protect your children’s rights in this new relationship?

Finding yourself in the process of a separation or divorce:

  • how do you negotiate parenting time with your child’s other parent?
  • how do you divorce amicably?
  • how do you avoid running up tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees to deal with a separation or a divorce?
  • how do you negotiate the division of family property and debt?

Living with someone:

  • at what point does this relationship become a spousal relationship?
  • are your rights the same when you are living together as when you are married?
  • do need any agreements written out with your partner?
  • what’s the difference between sharing living arrangements with someone and living common-law?
  • are your financial obligations any different when you are living common-law with someone?


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