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Corporate Law

Our BC Lawyers would be happy to help you with your business needs:

Jaime Boyle
Daniel K. Lo
Keith Martens
Alan McKenzie

Are you considering starting a company? Have an ongoing business you wish to incorporate? Need some help keeping your company records up to date?

How we can help

Our lawyers provide a full range of corporate legal services designed to assist individuals and companies operate their businesses in BC.

We offer flat fee rates for most routine services.

From reserving your corporate name to preparing and filing all necessary documents with the Registrar, creating your minute book and acting as your registered and records office, our lawyers have you covered.

Planning your business structure

Thinking about starting a business? Are you a proprietorship wishing to incorporate? Call us.

We would be happy to work through the various options available to you, and to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of incorporation, sole proprietorship, partnerships and other corporate structures.

We love to work with our clients and their other advisors to help them come up with the business structure that meets their needs.

Creating or amending your business structure

Once you have decided what kind of business structure is right for you, we will help you set it up.

From reserving the corporate name and preparing and filing the necessary documentation with the Registrar, creating and updating a minute book, filing annual reports and preparing resolutions of directors and shareholders, we can help you create a structure that will help you meet your business needs.

Maintaining your business structure

As your registered and records office, we provide all annual maintenance and record-keeping services for your company, including filing annual reports and ensuring the company meets its annual obligations under the law.

Additional corporate services

Our knowledgeable corporate law team can facilitate reorganizations, amalgamations, continuations, restorations and dissolutions.

In addition to conducting due diligence, we can also assist you with changes of corporate name, changes to authorized and issued share capital, reviews of certified corporate records and corporate opinions.

Call us for an appointment with one of our BC lawyers today.