Company Law

We can help you:

  • create simple companies (federal or provincial), or societies
  • act as your records office
  • prepare shareholder or partnership agreements
  • file annual corporate records
  • give opinions on whether your company is in good standing for various projects (such as buying or selling assets or refinancing)

Family Law

We can help you:

  • make pre-nup or cohabitation agreements for you and your spouse (or a future spouse) about how to deal with your assets and debt
  • make separation agreements
  • make parenting agreements
  • prepare and file uncontested divorce applications
  • transfer or change ownership on your home or other property to add or remove a spouse from title

Real Estate

We can help you:

  • buy or sell a home or other property
  • buy or sell commercial real estate
  • refinance your property
  • gift property to someone else
  • add or remove someone from title to your property
  • transmit a property into your name as surviving joint tenant
  • help you develop and register easements, rights of way, subdivisions or other property development issues

Wills & Estates

We can help you:

  • decide which documents you need to control who is allowed to help you if you get sick, or after your death, and help you make those documents:
    • Wills
    • Powers of Attorney
    • Representation Agreements
    • Advance Directives
  • accept an appointment as an Attorney under a Power of Attorney
  • set up trusts for disabled people, spouses or blended families
  • probate and estate administration:
    • helping you deal with the estate of someone who has died
    • discussing whether probate is required, and if so, helping you get it
    • transferring assets into the names of representatives, surviving joint tenants or beneficiaries


We can help you:

  • make affidavits, statutory declarations or other documents made under oath (link to an FAQ here)
  • make Certified True copies of original documents
  • sign documents prepared by a legal advisor in another town or province
  • complete “still alive” or pension “proof of life” documents
  • sign travel letters for children
  • sign invitation letters for people coming to Canada
  • take signatures on easements, rights of way or other land documents

Please note that we don’t act as witnesses on documents – when we take your signatures on documents, we perform a notarial function – by putting you under oath, by verifying your identity, or by certifying various issues. A “witness” is someone who simply watches you sign a document, with no notarial function involved.
With some work – for example, buying or selling land in another province – you may need both a witness and a notary. You must read the instructions package your out-of-province lawyer or notary gives you, and bring any witnesses you need. We do not provide witnesses at all!

What We Don’t Do

We practice what is called “solicitor work”, or, sometimes, “non-contentious” law – situations where everyone is getting along with each other, and no litigation is required.
If you need any of the following services, we can refer you to a specialist for that work:

  • contested divorce applications
  • criminal charges
  • personal injury law
  • estate litigation

We do not check the work of self-represented people – if you are doing the legal work yourself, then it is your responsibility to ensure that it is properly done. If you wish to hire us to take over work which you have begun, please contact us to discuss.