Divorce Consulting


Thinking about getting separated or divorced? Not sure where to start?

Tempted to ruin everything and everyone in your path just to make others hurt as much as you do?

We have another way for you to get through this – positively, proactively and holistically.

Separation and divorce are incredibly emotional processes.

Anger, guilt, fear, shame, anxiety, sadness are all normal experiences as you go through a separation or divorce. Normal doesn’t mean easy, though. And it certainly doesn’t mean comfortable.

Strong emotions can derail your ability to think and respond proactively or logically, making it so much harder to make great decisions. Couple that with an unfamiliarity about how the legal process works, and you might feel like you are facing some real challenges.

Want some help getting through this from a neutral team of professionals? That’s where we come in. No baggage, no judgment, just support.

Your family or friends might be helpful, but they might also be feeling very strong emotions about your separation. They might hold cultural or religious beliefs that make it challenging to talk about separation or divorce with them.

They might even have been through a separation or divorce, but their experience might have been completely different than yours will be.

Every separation and divorce is a personal, unique process.

What if, instead of looking up at the end of this process you are able to say “well, that was difficult, and horrible, and emotional, but I feel like I have a plan and I’m on track with my plan”?

What if you didn’t spend inordinate amounts of money fighting unnecessary battles?

What if you get through this with your other relationships stronger than ever?

What if you can transition to a new life positively and proactively?

Our goal is to help you identify and navigate the issues you will face as you go through your separation or divorce. We will help you make a plan for success, and point you to the resources you need to make that plan work.

We call this a divorce transition plan.

Here’s how we help you get through this process:

Come see us for an initial consultation. We will sit with you for an hour and assess where you are, and what will be required in order to get a positive, proactive plan put in place for you.

Here are just some of the pieces that we will help you think about and ultimately build into your comprehensive divorce transition plan:

  • a safety plan
  • making a simple, forward-thinking financial plan
  • practical tips to transition yourself and your children to your new life
  • developing great support networks
  • tips to help you communicate with others about what you are going through
  • identifying the legal issues you need to consider as you transition to your new life, and helping you make a plan about getting those pieces done

Putting this plan together might take only a few visits, or as many as 10, depending on how complex your life is.

If you have no kids, or you have already done some of this work (like having your assets and debts already divided), then your process will be shorter. Our value to you will be making sure you have everything covered, and then coming up with a plan for the legal part of this transition.

If you have concerns about the safety of yourself or your children, if you are not emotionally ready to deal with these issues, or you haven’t had any discussions with your spouse about the separation, then it will be a longer process. That’s okay.

Once your plan is in place, we’ll help you get it going.

You don’t have to do this alone, and we’re here to help.

Divorce consulting is not just legal advice. It isn’t just a way of getting you organized and ready for the legal process of divorce.

It’s a way of helping you develop a transition plan for your life, so you can start to feel more in control of what you are going through.

It helps you identify issues that you will face in your own unique situation, and will help you from making painful mistakes you could regret later.

Divorce can be different.  Be ready.  Be informed.

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