COVID19 Safety Protocols


We are open for business, with a number of modifications to ensure the safety of our staff and clients. These COVID19 safety protocols are based on guidelines set out by the BC Centre for Disease Control and Worksafe BC.

We have implemented a number of changes as a result of COVID19 safety protocols recommended by the BCCDC and Worksafe BC.

We will talk to you about these COVID19 protocols when you make your appointment. We will also discuss them when you arrive at the office. These protocols are subject to change, and will remain in place for the foreseeable future.

These protocols take additional time. Please make sure to leave yourself sufficient amount of time to allow us to serve you appropriately.

If you have questions about these protocols, please contact us.

COVID19 Protocols for clients

If you are sick, have been diagnosed with COVID19, or are in self-isolation or quarantine, please call us to reschedule your appointment.

Please let us know if you are immune-compromised so we can discuss the kinds of additional safety protocols you might require. For example, it may be more appropriate to meet with you remotely, or in a parking lot, or in a lobby.

No more handshakes! We miss that connection with our clients, but since touch is a primary method of communication of COVID19, we must wave at you from across the lobby instead.

If the office is full, we will ask you to wait outside until we have space available inside the office.

Clients, notaries and lawyers must all wash their hands for 20 seconds before the appointment.

Preparing for your appointment

Only bring people who are necessary to your appointment – please do not bring children or other friends or family. It is important that we keep a minimum of people in the office at all times.

COVID19 can live on paper for some time. If you are bringing documents to us for notarization, please drop them off two days before your appointment, so we can put them in “document quarantine”.

Alternatively, you can e-mail them to if it is acceptable to print them from an e-mail. If you choose to e-mail them, please send us only the documents you need printed, along with any instructions from the originating sender.

If someone is driving you to your appointment, please ask them to wait for you in the car, or to come back and get you when your appointment is over. We would be happy to call a taxi for you, if you choose to hire a taxi to travel.

Please bring the following to your appointment:

  • your own pen (check to see whether the colour of ink is important)
  • two pieces of current, government-issued ID (please be aware that we will disinfect them)

Please do NOT bring any:

  • additional papers or materials
  • unnecessary personal possessions
  • persons not involved in the transaction

COVID19 Office Safety Protocols

We have restructured our physical office spaces to incorporate recommended COVID19 safety protocols:

  • reduce and appropriately space the number of chairs in our waiting rooms
  • eliminate reading materials, toys and extraneous supplies
  • indicate two metre distances from receptionists to client positions
  • add plexiglass shields where we cannot guarantee 2 metre distances between clients and staff
  • reorganize signing room setups to ensure appropriate spacing

If you wish to have the door open to the signing room to increase air-flow, please advise us at the start of your appointment so we can accommodate for that.

Gloves and masks are not a recommended COVID19 protocol by either the BC Centre for Disease Control, or Worksafe BC. Gloves are available upon request. Official guidelines currently recommend proper masks be reserved only for health care professionals. Clients are welcome to bring their own masks should they wish to do so.

We disinfect work surfaces between each signing meeting.

Additional fees may be charged to deal with extra accommodations over and above these listed. We reserve the right to refuse service to persons who refuse to comply with these COVID19 protocols, or whom we feel might expose our staff or other clients to inappropriate health care risks.

We look forward to working with you, and to staying safe!

			May 21, 2020 10:44 pm 
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