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What is a safety plan and when might you need one? It's important to make a safety plan if family
With the Coronavirus making its way through Canada, I've received a number of calls about estate planning. Death, it seems,
Wondering how your purchase or sale will go during the Coronavirus (or COVID-19) pandemic? Here are a few things we're
High value residential strata owners have recently been finding it very difficult to obtain strata insurance. This leaves owners unable
If you are traveling with children outside Canada, you need to get a few things ready first. Here are a
Three simple steps to help prevent the seller from leaving a messy home.
If you die without a Will, you might be very unpleasantly surprised by what happens to your estate. Intestacy laws
A Section 9 Representation Agreement appoints someone to look after your personal and health care needs if you need or
Buying a new home? Here are 8 things to do first!
Congratulations on buying your new home! There is just one more step you need to take - make a Power

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Affidavits; Statutory Declarations; Travel Letters; Certified True Copies


Buying or selling a home; refinancing; new mortgages; discharging mortgages

Estate Planning

Wills; Powers of Attorney; Representation Agreements; Advance Directives, Trusts

Incapacity Support

Committeeships; support for attorneys; support for representatives

Grants of Probate

Obtaining representation grants where there is a Will, or if the deceased died without a Will

Estate Administration

Accounting to the beneficiaries; distribution; asset transfers

Company Law

Incorporating a company; annual records maintenance; shareholders’ agreements

Family Law

Marriage agreements; separation agreements; uncontested divorces


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