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TNG Legal Services MDP is BC’s first multi-disciplinary practice combining lawyers and BC Notaries.

What do all these initials mean?

TNG stands for “The Notary Group”. We originally started off as a notary firm, and quickly became one of the largest notarial firms in the province.

As we grew, we began to add lawyers to our team, in order to give our clients a full range of services.

MDP stands for “multi-disciplinary partnership”.

Who are your BC Notaries and lawyers?

Looking for one of our BC Lawyers? Looking for one of our BC Notaries?

Not sure whether you need a BC Notary or a lawyer?

Not sure whether you need a BC notary or a lawyer to help you? If you’re not sure, just call us. We’ll help you figure it out.

BC Notaries can help you with many of the routine legal documents required for your daily life, such as notarizations, standard estate planning documents and all residential and commercial conveyancing. If your BC Notary cannot help you with what you are trying to do, they will refer you to one of our lawyers, or to a specialist.

Lawyers can provide the full spectrum of legal services. The lawyers in our firm can do everything our notaries do, but they tend to concentrate on the more complicated areas of solicitor work, such as corporate law, family law or advanced estate matters such as trusts and probate.

What is a multi-disciplinary partnership?

A multi-disciplinary partnership is a partnership between two different kinds of professionals – in this case, lawyers and BC Notaries.

In BC, notaries can do a wide range of non-contentious law, and they have traditionally practiced on their own. The Notary Group is the Okanagan’s biggest notarial firm, and decided to partner with lawyers in order to provide their clients with a greater depth of legal services.

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